My Album Cover

I had a lot of fun making my album cover and I really like the way it came out. It is funny, but still had challenging aspects and such.

Pictures used-
I used 3 pictures to make this. There is a picture of me in the pilots seat, a picture of me in the back window, and then the helicopter. I thought it would be really cool to put two pictures of myself helicopter so thats what I did. My background is green and red because since it is Christmas time, I thought I would have some Christmas spirit and go with a Christmas theme. after I did my background I added a snowy floor and snowman using the paint tool.

I have text at the top and the bottom. The text at the top says "The Flyest Out", which is the name of my album (releasing December 25, 2018) and the bottom says "A Christmas Album", because this is a Christmas themed album. I made 3 layers of each color (green and red) and then changed their positioning so they looked like bubble letters and I think it looks really good.

Layer Blending Modes-
I used one layer blending mode on this picture. It is on the helicopters layer and it is the difference filter. I think that the filter made the helicopter fit in better with the picture and that is why I chose it.

Opacity Changes-
For my opacity changes I did them on my text layers. I think it added a cool effect to my letters and made them pop out more on the album cover.

For my effect I added snow into my picture. This took quite a few tries for me before I got it right. What I did was I created a new layer, filled it with black, and then combined the noise and gaussian blur effects. I did this because it goes really well with the rest of the cover, and I think it turned out looking really good/cool.

Overall this was a really fun project and I hope we do more like this in the future.


  1. Love your album cover. It's very different and I love the Christmas theme.

  2. I like how it look like a cartoon and your characters in the helicopter is really funny.

  3. i like your album cover i like how you did a Christmas theme.

  4. I like how it's themed with the snow man and stuff

  5. I really like how you managed to put yourself in the helicopter.

  6. This is very different from others. great job

  7. I love the Christmas album look to it and the people in the helicopter, the cardboard helicopter. absolutely wonderful. (and that snowman is amazing)

  8. reminds me of predator "GET TO THE CHOPPA"

  9. your project came out really cool, i think its really funny and I like how simple it is

  10. I like this image because it seems very cartoonish and simple but it also has real photos and complexity in it which creates perfect balance.


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