My Album Cover

I had a lot of fun making my album cover and I really like the way it came out. It is funny, but still had challenging aspects and such.

Pictures used-
I used 3 pictures to make this. There is a picture of me in the pilots seat, a picture of me in the back window, and then the helicopter. I thought it would be really cool to put two pictures of myself helicopter so thats what I did. My background is green and red because since it is Christmas time, I thought I would have some Christmas spirit and go with a Christmas theme. after I did my background I added a snowy floor and snowman using the paint tool.

I have text at the top and the bottom. The text at the top says "The Flyest Out", which is the name of my album (releasing December 25, 2018) and the bottom says "A Christmas Album", because this is a Christmas themed album. I made 3 layers of each color (green and red) and then changed their positioning so they looked like bubble letters and I think it looks…


I learned a few things about myself. I kinda realized what I like photographing more and what I'm not interested in. I also realized I need to be more patient when shooting pictures.

Best five images from field trip

I didn't take a lot of photos on this field trip because I was going for quality over quantity. These are my favorites out of the pictures I took during the field trip.

This was at the San Jose mission. I like this picture because of the way the stone looks and the contrast it has against the sky 

This is my favorite picture from the field trip. I love all the colors. especially the flower in focus, how the yellow looks faded from the outside. I also like how green the background looks 

I like this picture because of all the unique angles it has. The roof is like a little arch, there are stairs to the side and stairs at the back. I just really like all of the angles. I think my composition was really good with this picture 

Water is always fun to take pictures of. I'm not sure how to explain why I like it but I just do.

I like this picture because of the rust and the plants growing all over the place. It has a cool feel like nature is taking back ground that humans built on. 

Farewell Blog

I got a lot of things from photography. It taught me patience, focus, to always keep trying, and to see things from a new perspective. Since the beginning of the year my photos have gotten phenomenally better. I was just looking and comparing from the beginning and end of the year and wow, the growth that you can see is crazy. Some photography skills/techniques I have developed are photoshop editing, self evaluation of your pictures, composition and waiting for the right picture and much much more. Some advice id give for next years photographers is pay attention to all the photoshop tutorials or you will be lost.

The reason I like this picture is the walkway leading up to the sign, and how the sign is worn out and the color is faded. 

Thank you Mrs. Marafioto for a great year!

Stained glass bird

This was my bird. I luv my bird. First I cropped the picture, then made the railing bigger, then I blended the background, then I added color to the bird.

Macro Project

This was probably the funniest project we've done all year.  It started with Mrs. Marafioto taking pictures of us on a green screen, then we took background images and pasted the people on our images